“Banged by Two Students” Now Available

19 Dec

banged by two students cover

First “Spanked by Her Student” and now “Banged by Two Students.” Hmm. I’m sensing a trend here.

The whole experience is amazing, actually. I had never fantasized about being a blackmailed teacher before. I realize it’s written in third person, but you just know I’m seeing myself right in poor Valerie’s shoes! I see what she sees, I feel what she feels. And I think I’m really digging this whole “captured cougar” vibe. Ha. I made up a genre. I can see it now:

[At the one-handed porn writers’ awards (we all lost one in the war)]: Introducing… [drum roll] Sasha Storm! Inventor of the “Captured Cougar” erotica genre! Which totally overtook “Paranormal Romance” and kicked its sorry ass!

[Thundering applause]

Okay, down to business. Check out the blurb for “Banged by Two Students.”

Flirtatious professor Valerie got more than she bargained for when she negotiated a one night stand with handsome college junior Marcus. She wound up videotaped and blackmailed!

Valerie now has no choice but to serve — and service — Marcus and anyone he chooses in whatever way he demands. She tells herself she’s not pleased with the turn of events but finds herself eagerly submitting to Marcus and his roommate Joe.

Marcus and Joe relish their new roles, cheerfully ordering Valerie to perform degrading sexual acts for their amusement, and punishing her for her mistakes.

Chock full of good old fashioned domination, submission, and some humiliation to boot.

The sexy action never stops in this follow-up to “Spanked by Her Student.” “Banged by Two Students” contains explicit sexual content and is for adults only. 4,700 words.

I’m telling you guys, this thing is hot. It’s pretty much all sex, no lie. Sex and bossing around and crawling and spanks and punishing and blow job and humiliation and two guys just enjoying the heck out of using and abusing poor Valerie. Of course, Valerie’s totally into it herself. That minx!

“Banged by Two Students” available at Amazon, Smashwords, and Barnes and Noble.


Hot Excerpt from “Spanked by Her Student” — Blog Only!

12 Dec

Working hard on the sequel, want to get it up ASAP. Wait, did I just say “hard” and “get it up?” Sheesh, it’s hard to avoid double entendres, isn’t it! 😀

But anyway, in the meantime, here’s a blog-only excerpt from “Spanked by Her Student.” You can’t see this excerpt anywhere else!

The story itself gets much, much more explicit than this. Think of this as a nice tease. 😉

Marcus picked her up in a car uncharacteristic for a college student: a dark, impossibly luxurious and utterly unprepossessing sedan. She sank into the welcome comfort of the leather passenger seat and buckled her belt. The large car had a lot of legroom, so she stretched her legs and crossed them demurely at the ankles.

Normally on a date she’d be nervous, but her position and the drinks had made her relaxed. She was out for a one-night stand with a cute boy with no strings attached…though if he performed as well as she hoped, she’d consider making it a regular thing.

Valerie flashed Marcus a winning smile. “Thank you so much for picking me up.”

“No problem. You don’t have to cross your legs, you know.”

“Oh, that’s all right,” she demurred. “I’m comfortable.”

“No, really, you’ll be more comfortable with them spread.”

Valerie laughed. “Getting into the mood already?”

They were now stopped at a red light. Marcus turned to her. “You really should just spread them,” he said, his smile predatory. How she came to know that smile later on.

Valerie misread the smile as friendly. He was just playing; he wasn’t really ordering her around. This was all for fun.

Humoring him, Valerie uncrossed her ankles and sat with her thighs spread wide.

“Good girl,” Marcus said approvingly. Valerie felt a flush of pride, and thought that was an odd way for him to put it. She shrugged inwardly and accepted it as an eccentricity.

As they neared the next stop light, Marcus said, “Why don’t you unbutton your blouse a little?”

“Why should I?” Valerie bantered.

“Now, Valerie,” Marcus said in mock-seriousness, “You know that’s not the answer I’m looking for! For that insolence, I want to see a nipple. Come on, hop to it!”

Valerie laughed. “What, from one button to a whole breast so fast? What kind of girl do you think I am?”

“A slutty one, of course,” Marcus replied.

Valerie laughed again, but a pleasant electric jolt shot through her pussy. Hell, his dirty talk was turning her on! Might as well repay the favor. Now that they were out of the downtown area, the streetlights were rarer and there was much less chance of her being seen.

She unbuttoned her blouse and moved her left bra cup off her breast, exposing it. The nipple was hard, her large areola dark in the dim light. Someone could still see! a part of her mind warned. The rest of her mind didn’t much care. She was pretty anonymous here, and she was about to get properly laid for the first time in months.

“See how much fun it is to just do as I ask? I bet you’re wet as sin, too.”

“So? I bet you’re hard,” Valerie shot back.

They were pulling in to his condo.

Marcus glanced sideways at her. “Not as hard as that nipple,” he said.

 “Spanked by Her Student” available at Amazon and Smashwords.

“Spanked by Her Student” is at Smashwords too now

10 Dec

Yeah, I know, hope this isn’t spammy. In the future I’ll probably have these announcements all in one post. But for now, as the availability trickles in, each one is exciting. :p

Spanked by Her Student

If you like shopping at Smashwords, “Spanked by Her Student” (Blackmailed Teacher, Volume 1) is there now. I like how they offer several different formats. I don’t like how RTF and TXT come out ugly, so try not to look at those please. :p

“Spanked by Her Student” Now For Sale at Amazon

9 Dec
Spanked by Her Student Cover Art

Spanked by Her Student Cover Art

“Spanked by Her Student,” the first installment in the Blackmailed Teacher series is now live and ready to purchase at Amazon!

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And now for a tease, the blurb for “Spanked by Her Student”:

Valerie’s long dry spell is about to end. The hot teacher loves to wear skimpy clothes and display her naughty bits — her breasts and butt — to her college class…until one student has enough of the teasing.

Rich, confident, boyishly handsome college student Marcus approaches her after class offering Valerie sex with him in exchange for an “A.” Valerie eventually gives in to temptation but quickly finds the tables turned when she winds up:

• bossed
• ordered
• spanked
• humiliated
• used
• and repeatedly denied orgasm

“Spanked by Her Student” explores dominance, submission, spanking, light nipple play, orgasm denial and M/f sex.

6,101 words.