“Banged by Two Students” Now Available

19 Dec

banged by two students cover

First “Spanked by Her Student” and now “Banged by Two Students.” Hmm. I’m sensing a trend here.

The whole experience is amazing, actually. I had never fantasized about being a blackmailed teacher before. I realize it’s written in third person, but you just know I’m seeing myself right in poor Valerie’s shoes! I see what she sees, I feel what she feels. And I think I’m really digging this whole “captured cougar” vibe. Ha. I made up a genre. I can see it now:

[At the one-handed porn writers’ awards (we all lost one in the war)]: Introducing… [drum roll] Sasha Storm! Inventor of the “Captured Cougar” erotica genre! Which totally overtook “Paranormal Romance” and kicked its sorry ass!

[Thundering applause]

Okay, down to business. Check out the blurb for “Banged by Two Students.”

Flirtatious professor Valerie got more than she bargained for when she negotiated a one night stand with handsome college junior Marcus. She wound up videotaped and blackmailed!

Valerie now has no choice but to serve — and service — Marcus and anyone he chooses in whatever way he demands. She tells herself she’s not pleased with the turn of events but finds herself eagerly submitting to Marcus and his roommate Joe.

Marcus and Joe relish their new roles, cheerfully ordering Valerie to perform degrading sexual acts for their amusement, and punishing her for her mistakes.

Chock full of good old fashioned domination, submission, and some humiliation to boot.

The sexy action never stops in this follow-up to “Spanked by Her Student.” “Banged by Two Students” contains explicit sexual content and is for adults only. 4,700 words.

I’m telling you guys, this thing is hot. It’s pretty much all sex, no lie. Sex and bossing around and crawling and spanks and punishing and blow job and humiliation and two guys just enjoying the heck out of using and abusing poor Valerie. Of course, Valerie’s totally into it herself. That minx!

“Banged by Two Students” available at Amazon, Smashwords, and Barnes and Noble.


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